Parent Teacher Association

Parents, teachers and the school play an equally important role in nurturing children. If parents and teachers are inconsistent in their teaching methods, children will be confused. If the school’s teaching philosophy and guidelines were not be supported by parents, it will be difficult for them to implement on their own.

The Parent-Teacher Association (hereinafter referred to as the “PTA”) is a bridge among parents, teachers and the school. It serves as a cooperative base for all parties and offers a strong support as we nurture our children. Therefore, the school is willing to invest additional resources to establish an official PTA.

Considering the heavy workload of teachers and the fact that parents had to struggle for life and work, it was difficult for me to ask them to spare extra time building the PTA at the initial stage of the establishment. Fortunately, we had a group of active and positive teachers who were willing to sacrifice their leisure time and volunteered to help with the establishment. With their support and hard work, the PTA was successfully established in 2000. In June of the same year, a total of 14 parents and teachers constituted an affiliated preparatory committees to do work in a collaborative effort, such as collecting data, drafting constitution of association and preparing for the convening of parents consultation meeting, etc. The first parent consultation meeting was held on August 26 of the same year. Eighty percent (80%) of the parents attended the meeting at which the constitution of association was passed unanimously and the first committee were elected. Some enthusiastic parents volunteered to participate in different working groups in the future. The enthusiasm of the parents encouraged all the members who believed that their hard work was worthwhile!

The PTA officially operated in September of the same year. Its first major task was to organize a “parent-child trip” three months ahead on November 14. I really appreciated the hard work of all the committee members and parents volunteers in this event. Despite being the first time working as a team, they cooperated with each other to plan the trip, publish the journals and to assist in the production of medal. The student families joined us on the day of the trip accounted for 92% of the total families in school, ranking first in the past years! All the participants had a good time, which was enough to show the benefits of home-school cooperation.

The PTA was successfully registered on April 27, 2001 under the Societies Ordinance and was named “Ha Sui Wan Kindergarten Parent-Teacher Association”. As the school was renamed “HKSKH Ha Sui Wan Nursery School” on May 3, 2007 in response to the transition to the Education Bureau, the name of PTA was also changed to “Ha Sui Wan Nursery School Parent-Teacher Association” accordingly.

In our home-school cooperation, we are grateful to all parents, teachers and the school for their mutual support. The power of unity among us is as beautiful as the proverbs in the Bible: “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”.


Constitution of Association


  1. Promote mutual understanding and close communication between parents and teachers, so as to help teachers, parents and children communicate with each other.
  2. Promote home – school cooperation, organize workshops and seminars for parents and teachers, as well as other related parent-child activities.


Ground Floor, 4 Tin Lung Road, Tin Shui Wai

Member and Organization 


  1. The following persons are members of the PTA.
  2. Parents of all current students and graduates’ parents serving as committee members
  3. Incumbent kindergarten principal and teachers
  4. Members must abide by the rules of the Constitution of Association and comply with the decisions made in the meeting.
  5. Members are not obliged to provide financial assistance to the PTA other than the necessary activity cost.
  6. Members have the right to attend the general meeting and are eligible to vote, to elect and to be elected.



  1. The PTA is composed of a meeting of members and a standing committee.
  2. The meeting of members is composed of all members and is the highest authority of the PTA. When the meeting of members is adjourned, all meeting matters will be handled by the standing committee.
  3. The general meeting of members is convened by the standing committee which can hold annual general meeting of members or special general meeting of members.
  4. The quorum for the general meeting of members is 25 members.
  5. The members of the standing committee include:

Chairman: One parent

Vice Chairman: One principal of the kindergarten

Secretary: One parent and one teacher

Cashier: One parent and one teacher

Contact: At least one parent or one teacher

Recreation: At least one parent or one teacher

<strong>Photograph of the 11<sup>th </sup>PTA Standing Committee</strong>

March 10, 2018

PTA Annual General Meeting and the 11th Standing Committee Re-election in 2017-18 School Year

August 28, 2018 PTA Parent-child Outing 

Date: Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Time: 8:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Venue: Ma Wan Gymnasium, New Territories, Hong Kong—-Solar Tower Holiday Camp

Schedule: Solar Tower guide, 3D science movie appreciation, VR glasses stargazing, arch curtain stargazing, creative kaleidoscope making, Maker furniture workshop…

Group Photo

How much scientific knowledge do you know?

After visiting the Solar Tower, teachers, students and parents had amazing discoveries on the sun and the constellation! How much do you know about them? Let’s see how many questions you can answer!

Q1: Is the sun red or orange?

A1: In fact, the sun is green. This is because our eyes are unable to see the color green, which has a shorter wavelength, but we can see the color red and orange, which has longer wavelengths.

Q2: Is the sun rounded?

A2: In fact, the sun is a sphere!

Q3: Are there only 12 known constellations in the sky?

A3: Now, more than 80 constellations have been found!

Creative kaleidoscope making

Parents were responsible for building it, and children did the coloring!

Look! The coloring is very beautiful!

Sister: Mom, I want to do it together!

Brother: Well, you do the coloring, and I will make the collage, okay?

Child: Mom, what's inside? Mom: Color beads. When the kaleidoscope is finished, we will see a beautiful scene!

Maker furniture workshop—hand-made small wooden chair

In order to prevent children from being punctured by wood, parents were trying to round the wood!

A family of four worked in close cooperation!!

Inserting, inserting, and inserting. The children finally knew that the small wooden chairs were inserted and assembled like this, so funny!