Our Team

All our teachers are professionally trained in Early Childhood Education. They are passionate and committed to their teaching and regularly undergo continuous professional development training. There is also a social work service scheme providing assistance to pre-primary children and their families with welfare needs through cross-profession collaboration.

  • 2018-19 School Year

Staff Development Day – “Teaching Children with Special Needs through Music”

Date: December – Three teachers from our school participated in the workshop.

Content: The workshop explored the use of Music as a tool to help children with special education needs. Teachers learnt to design music activities and to incorporate therapeutic elements within in order to enhance children’s learning and abilities.

Staff Development Day – Japanese Early Childhood Education Exchange Visit

Date: October 16, 2018 to October 20, 2018

Some of our staff went to Japan to participate in an exchange visit along with the Children’s Services Team from October 16, 2018 (Tuesday) to October 20, 2018 (Friday). During the trip, they visited three different types of preschool education organizations in Japan.

In this exchange visit, participants realized that the kindergarten education in Japan was highly synergistic, which could effectively promote children’s communication ability. These Japanese kindergartens attached importance to interacting with nature, and taught children to cherish and respect life. Their education also encouraged parents to participate in school activities, so that parents could better understand children’s learning and development, thus achieving home-school cooperation, and jointly fostering the growth of children. Their kindergartens also set up a vast outdoor playground, which allowed children to actively explore and to develop their physical coordination. There were no specific programmes designed in Japanese kindergartens. They respected children’s preferences and decisions, encouraged children to initiate their own learning. Their education was committed to inspiring children to establish self-discipline, compliance, and good living habits, and also to creating a rich and safe learning environment addressing the needs of all children.

Staff Development Day – Support and Frontline Workers’ Retreat Day: Life on a Merry-go-round

Date: October 19, 2018

On October 19, 2018, the support and frontline workers’ retreat was held in Ma Wan Solar Tower Star Hall, and Ms. Ha Sui Wan also joined us. Teachers reflected on themselves and exchanged ideas with other co-workers in the association.

The purpose of the event was to invite teachers to rethink profoundly about their lives during the past year. Through a series of activities including games, sharing, brain gym exercises, mindfulness walk, eating, body sketching and pastel nagomi art creation, teachers and other staff could exchange ideas and to be at peace with themselves. Through this event, teachers had a deeper understanding of their co-workers, and they could also meditate and enjoy the peace.

Staff Development Day – Enhances Learning Effectiveness by Brain Gym

Date: October 18, 2018

This training allowed teachers to experience the links between physical exercise and people’s thinking, feelings and physical sensations. Teachers learnt the 26 moves of the brain exercise practiced individually, in teams and in groups to understand the importance of “body, mind and thought”. After this training, teachers could creatively apply these activities, games, materials, and whole-brain positive language to their daily teaching, incorporating these elements into the school environment, schedule or class activities, so as to enhance the learning efficiency of children.

Staff Development Day – Children’s Behavior and Counseling Skills

Date: October 16, 2018

Lecturer: Mr. Eddie, C. C. LO, Clinical Psychologist

This training allowed teachers to deepen their understanding of the relationship between living habits (such as lifestyle, diet, environmental stimuli and so on) and children behavioral problems. The lecturer also explained how pressures at different levels can help or affect young children. He suggested that improving the diet and exercise habits could enhance children’s physical and mental health. In addition, the lecturer also introduced ways to calm children with examples. He emphasized the importance of using real life situation to teach children the concept of self-control, and guided teachers to use the “Execution Skills Questionnaire” to identify the strengths, weaknesses and needs of young children.