Curriculum Characteristics

“Constructing Learning”:

The school encourages children to participate actively in their learning and to construct their own knowledge.  Children are the subjects of learning, and learning is a process of continuous reorganization and transformation of experiences. Knowledge can be constructed through self-learning. It can also be jointly constructed by teachers and students through their interactions, cooperation and discussion on their firsthand experiences of exploration, discussion, experiment, observation and research. Our curriculum is structured around different research projects, respecting children’s learning interests while considering their abilities and life experiences, in order to maximize their learning outcomes.


The school focuses on cultivating children’s positive attitudes and abilities, so that they will be active, independent, effective and self-monitoring. Through spontaneously engaging in and managing individual learning activities, children learn to evaluate and improve their work. All teachers keep to the motto of “seeing children” and respect the uniqueness of each child. In this way, children can learn according to their own behavioral patterns, methods and paces, and to realize their unique talent and potential.

“Life-Oriented Curriculum”:

We believe in “learning from doing” and that “life itself is education”. We emphasize the integration of children’s learning into their daily life. Learning and teaching are blended within different disciplines, providing a comprehensive learning experience for children. by providing an integrated and comprehensive curriculum derived from children’s living, children can consolidate their learning through their interests and life experience.

“Whole-brain Learning”:

The body and the brain are a whole. Balanced and healthy physiological conditions are the prerequisites to a clever brain. We recognize the importance of whole brain development in nurturing the healthy growth of children. By utilizing children’s developmental characteristics, such as their keen interest in moving around, experimenting and learning, and incorporating brain gym exercise and healthy diet into the daily schedule, we aim to help children establish ideal habits to ensure healthy brain and body development.

“Hands-On Mathematics”:

The school offers children a diversified, life-oriented and meaningful mathematics learning experience, with considerations of their cognitive characteristics and development needs. Through these experiences, we aim to cultivate children’s abilities in observation, analysis, comparison, generalization, logical reasoning, reversible thinking and spatial imagination. With real objects and operational teaching aids, mathematics language is applied in daily conversations, so that children’s mathematics learning can develop beyond “concrete operational stage”, into “representational stage”, and ultimately achieve “abstract logical thinking”.

 “Spirituality and Morality” Cultivation:

Following the teaching in Bible Proverbs 22:6: “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”, we encourage children to look up to the Christ as a role model, helping children to establish a solid foundation for good characters. Through praying, exercising, praising Lord, news sharing and weather reporting in morning meetings and Happy Friday Service, we wish to share positive and healthy message with our children.

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Religious Activities:

Child Worship